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Slack: Our 'terrible, horrible day' when outage forced us into Zoom meeting set up by email
Email killer Slack had to have a Zoom meeting when its engineers could no longer use Slack due to its own outage.
Physical location of video conferencing servers key to Australian performance: ACCC
Skype comes out as the big winner in the ACCC's first report on the performance of streaming and video conferencing services.
JGA North cable declared ready for service
The 2,700km subsea cable between Japan and Guam is now complete.
NBN launches satellite backup for business customers
Customers will need a new dish installed to take advantage of satellite backup service.
APAC telcos to spend $331B on 5G, but 4G remains dominant in some markets
Region's mobile operators are expected to invest more in excess of $400 billion on their networks through to 2025, including $331 billion on 5G deployments, but 4G remains the dominant technology in markets such as India and Indonesia.
Home router warning: They're riddled with known flaws and run ancient, unpatched Linux
And there are no routers in the study from the Fraunhofer Institute without known security flaws.
NBN says 80% of leftover 109,000 premises could connect in 2020
Around 17,000 premises shifted from fixed wireless to fibre to the curb.
F5 patches vulnerability that received a CVSS 10 severity score
Remote code execution in F5 BIG-IP devices exposes governments, cloud providers, ISPs, banks, and many Fortune 500 companies to possible intrusions.
Windows 10: Microsoft Defender ATP now rates your security configurations
New Microsoft Defender ATP service will help weed out unneeded administrator accounts before attackers find them.
Optus signs contract for Ku-band sixth satellite to launch in 2023
Software-defined satellite said to be 'fully configurable' when in orbit.
5G and Wi-Fi 6: Unlikely allies
Before the pandemic, telcos pondered how to sell 5G fixed wireless so convincingly that consumers would willingly ditch their Wi-Fi routers. Now that Wi-Fi is everyone’s best friend, that strategy has pivoted completely.
NBN now obligated to provide a minimum 25Mbps connection to Australians
Statutory Infrastructure Provider regime now makes NBN the default network provider.
Telstra ditches 5G fee for users not on lowest tier plan
Users on Telstra's smallest plan will not have a 5G option under new plans from Wednesday.
Singapore issues COVID-19 contact tracing wearables to 'vulnerable seniors'
Government has begun distributing Bluetooth-enabled TraceTogether Tokens to the country's elderly who are not digitally connected and are at higher risk of from the coronavirus.
Department of Finance dismisses idea of discretionary NBN write-down
Officials say the value of NBN is dictated by accounting standards, and a write-down would not impact NBN pricing.
SpaceX Starlink threat£ Democrats propose $100bn US-wide fiber broadband project
Democrats propose a huge investment in building fiber broadband across the US.
COVID has shown Australian broadband can handle working from home: Dept of Comms
Factors beyond telecommunications will determine if remote working remains after the pandemic, departmental officials have said.
What is 5G£ The business guide to next-generation wireless technology
It is a capital improvement project the size of the entire planet, replacing one wireless architecture created this century with another one that aims to lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. It’s also a huge gamble on the future of transmission technology, doubling down on consumers’ willingness to upgrade.
Singapore kickstarts 5G era, likely to run on Nokia, Ericsson networks
Local telcos now are readying their networks, with Singtel opting to work with Ericsson and StarHub and M1 choosing to go with Nokia for their core 5G infrastructures, but all three major telcos say they will collaborate with others, such as Huawei and ZTE on various use cases.
ACMA EME tests find LTE small cells putting out less than 0.8% of exposure safety levels
Public exposure levels due to small cells are found to be extremely low.
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