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Black Friday Deal: Meshforce M3s Mesh Wi-Fi Router Kit
Meshforce is slashing the price of its whole home Gigabit dual band wireless mesh router kit.
Networking equipment vendor Belden discloses data breach
Belden says hackers accessed a limited number of company's file servers.
Australian government develops its own metrics and ranks NBN highly
Department of Communications has chosen to deny reality and impose a view of its own.
Your best 5 TV streaming device choices for 2020
Roku is still your best choice, but there are other streaming gadgets out there giving it a run for your money. Here are your best choices.
Palmsolo's Star Wars office: Product boxes, drawers of phones, and multiple screens
Engineer by day and mobile gadgeteer by night, Matthew Miller -- aka Palmsolo -- has organized his office to serve these dual professional roles. Look, it's not clutter if it all serves a higher purpose.
SpaceX Starlink internet from space: New 60-satellite launch brings expanded beta closer
SpaceX is now a handful of launches away from completing the first phase of its satellite constellation.
Cisco Australia lands just shy of AU$2 billion in revenue for FY20
Company returns to profit following income tax adjustments that had wiped out last year's profit.
Dell Technologies' Q3 shines as remote work, learning stokes PC demand
Chromebook revenue was up triple digits as Dell's PC unit shined. The infrastructure group held its own as Dell looks toward AI workloads, hybrid cloud and edge computing.
Splunk to acquire cloud network observability provider Flowmill
With Flowmill, Splunk is aiming to extend its existing cloud monitoring capabilities and bolster its recently launched Observability Suite​.
The ins and outs of Starlink: Internet from the sky
A recent Reddit ask-me-anything revealed more about the increasingly popular Starlink near-Earth orbit internet provider service.
New Australian domain rules see Webcentral flog off drop catching business
Incoming rules for Australian domains see less of one of the worst aspects of owning and managing domains.
Best streaming service for live TV: Hulu, YouTube TV, more
There are two kinds of paid streaming services: Live TV, such as Sling TV and YouTubeTV, and video-on-demand, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Here's what to look for in live TV packages.
Why even the best free VPNs are not a risk worth taking
Here's a question. If you're not paying for your VPN service, where is the provider getting the money to run it£ The answer might cause you to lose some sleep.
Best VPN 2020: NordVPN, PureVPN, others with free VPN tiers
VPNs aren't essential only for securing your unencrypted Wi-Fi connections in coffee shops and airports. Every remote worker should consider a VPN to stay safe online. Here are your top choices for best VPNs in 2020 and how to get set up.
Telco carrier to tech firm: BT Global Services CEO on reshaping the company
The multinational has been shifting the way it operates for the last two years.
Apple, Verizon roll out Fleet Swap program, aim for enterprise, private 5G deployments
The two companies outlined a program where companies can swap entire fleets of smartphones for Apple iPhone 12. Verizon also highlighted how 5G mmwave is being deployed in Honeywell offices and GM factories.
New .au domain namespace rules come into effect April 12
Following the agency completing all recommendations arising from a 2018 government review.
Vocus set to IPO New Zealand arm
Telco once again starts process of being without its New Zealand business.
Verizon 5G DSS isn't the 5G you want
There's the ultra-high-speed Verizon advertises, which is available only in a few urban spaces, and then there's Verizon's 5G-speed Dynamic Spectrum Sharing 5G, which is available almost everywhere.
Celona aims to make private enterprise 5G networks commonplace
Celona packs a simple SaaS pricing model, MicroSlicing technology and an architecture that launches interference free LTE/5G networks to ride along with enterprise Wi-Fi.
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