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Huawei and 5G: Why the UK's decision is getting tougher every day
The prime minister's decision about Huawei will say much about the UK's place in the world after Brexit.
Mozilla lays off about 70 employees including senior staffers
Known best for its Firefox browser, Mozilla laid off approximately 6% of its staff in the face of diminishing revenue.
Critical Cisco DCNM flaws: Patch right now as PoC exploits are released
The need to patch Cisco Data Center Network Manager for Nexus switches becomes even more urgent.
Reserve Bank seeks help as it migrates data centre kit to Cisco
The successful supplier will be responsible for delivering compute hardware and associated software to the Reserve Bank of Australia for the next five years.
ACMA orders ISPs to block nine more gambling sites
It comes as the regulator continues to exercise its power under s313.
Senator unveils bill to stop the US from sharing intel with countries using Huawei 5G
The legislation comes just as the UK is set to decide whether to upgrade its telecom network with Huawei.
TPG complains of 'wireless attack' by 5G on fixed line broadband
If only a certain telco had not dropped plans to create its own mobile networks, nor try to merge with the number three mobile operator.
Huawei allowed to participate in India's 5G trial phase, but will it be allowed to win?
Industry players believe Huawei's telecom equipment is both cheaper and of better quality which is why they love it. Huawei hopes that the Indian government takes note and follows suit.
CES 2020: Comcast announces Xfinity Wi-Fi 6 certified gateway
The company also announced that its xFi Advanced Security cybersecurity feature will be available for free with xFi internet service.
VPN warning: REvil ransomware targets unpatched Pulse Secure VPN servers
Researcher warns organizations to patch Pulse Secure VPN flaws now or risk 'big game' REvil ransomware attacks.
Wi-Fi 6 devices capable of using 6GHz band to get Wi-Fi 6E branding
Seven 160MHz channels and 14 additional 80MHz channels to be capable of handling high bandwidth applications, the Wi-Fi alliance has said.
Cisco critical bugs: Nexus data center switch software needs patching now
Patch your Cisco Data Center Network Manager software now or uninstall it.
Huawei warns of 'difficult' year ahead amidst ongoing trade ban
Chinese tech giant's 2019 sales were lower than projected and 2020 will remain tough as the vendor remains on the US Entity List, warns rotating chairman Eric Xu, who highlights need for Huawei to diversify its supply chain to minimise business risks.
5 best TV streaming devices of 2019
Forget about smart TVs for streaming. You need a streaming device for your internet video-viewing pleasure.
Cyber security 101: Protect your privacy from hackers, spies, and the government
Simple steps can make the difference between losing your online accounts or maintaining what is now a precious commodity: Your privacy.
How to find the best VPN service: Your guide to staying safe on the internet
Whether you're in the office or on the road, a VPN is still one of the best ways to protect yourself on the big, bad internet.
Huawei refutes suggestions state support drove its growth
Chinese tech giant has lashed out at a US media report that claims its success was fuelled by billions of dollars in financial support from China's government, arguing that its ties are no different from any other private company that operates in the country.
Russia successfully disconnected from the internet
RuNet disconnection tests were successful, according to the Russian government.
The decline of social media in the 2010s: A status report
Facebook hasn’t made folks happy in a very long while. Maybe it’s because its new stance on privacy looks just like its old stances on privacy. Perhaps the whole Russian disinformation thing looks bad. But could it be even deeper than that?
Apple eyes satellite internet for data project
iPhone maker looks at satellite options for beaming data directly to devices, according to a report.
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