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Private 5G is coming soon to a business near you
New research from the Economist and NTT finds security and reliability are driving investment in private 5G.
Comcast reveals prototype 10G modem for home broadband use
Comcast's push into 10G technology for the home reached a milestone with a successful test of a DOCSIS 4.0 modem that can already achieve symmetrical transfer speeds of 4Gbps in a lab.
Wireshark creator joins Sysdig to extend it to cloud security
Wireshark, the pro's pro network traffic analysis tool, will soon be extended to cover cloud computing security.
5 Best VPN Services 2022: Tried-and-true picks for your online privacy
Virtual private networks are essential to staying safe online -- especially for remote workers and businesses. Here are your top choices in VPN service providers and how to get set up fast.
Predictions: Apple products that will be discontinued in 2022
Some are obvious, and others less so.
Huawei expects 2022 challenges amidst tech politics, deglobalisation
Chinese tech vendor expects to close 2021 with 634 billion yuan ($99.45 billion) in revenue, a 28.88% drop from the year before, and sees "serious challenges" in 2022 with an uncertain business environment, growing deglobalisation, and the "politicisation of technology".
Here's how 2022 will bring us faster internet
This is the year when 5G will finally matter and many people stuck without broadband will finally get some.
Best internet speed test 2022: Test your connection
Slow internet£ Broadband should be a utility that just works. Unfortunately, that's far from the reality for some. Here are the broadband speed tests we trust to help you get to the bottom of the network problems behind your laggy connection.
Dumping Google Chrome£ Here's the best browser to replace it
It's similar to Google Chrome in so many ways, but so much better
Firefox: Ad blockers are 2021's most popular browser extensions
Adblock Plus averaged 6,134,231 daily users while uBlock Origin averaged 5,011,974 throughout 2021.
Avaya shows evolution to cloud at Engage user conference
The company has moved its business model to subscriptions, cut a deal with RingCentral, and built a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) platform.
Telstra fined AU$2.5 million in part for not making 50,000 phone numbers silent
Australia's incumbent telco failed to update IPND data for customers on Belong on 65,000 occasions.
AWS misfires once more, just days after a massive failure
Amazon Web Services had trouble again this morning.
TPG Telecom picks up AU$4.8 million contract to upgrade Adelaide free Wi-Fi
City of Adelaide did not go far, choosing to replace its current Internode network with one from its TPG parent. owner Ookla acquires RootMetrics
The transaction joins two of the biggest names in consumer-facing network testing.
NBN has purchased over 61,000kms of copper and six times as much optical fibre
Company responsible for the National Broadband Network also looking to purchase enough renewable energy to cover itself in four years.
US, Australia and Japan stump up for subsea cable between Nauru, Kiribati and Federated States of Micronesia
Move comes as the United States has been reportedly warning Pacific nations about using Chinese equipment.
NBN replaced over 21,000 FttC connection devices in six weeks to mid-November
Storms keep frying the innards of the NBN Co Connection Devices, with almost 100,000 needing replacement since December 2020.
Microsoft details its next steps with Azure Space; adds Airbus as a partner
Microsoft is moving ahead with its work to bring Azure cloud capabilities to companies that need satellite, geospatial and other space-related technologies
AWS goes down and with it goes a host of websites and services
UPDATED: The cloud provider reports all services are once again operating normally, following yesterday afternoon's outage.
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