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Microsoft Surface Duo and Duo 2 receive August firmware update
These foldable smartphones can now display the latest Android's security patch.
Lenovo clearance sale: save over $1500 on this-heavy duty ThinkPad X1 laptop
If you're looking for a powerful PC, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 might be for you.
Alibaba Cloud, Deloitte set up China facility to drive automotive applications
Chinese cloud vendor teams up with Deloitte China to launch a centre that focuses on developing applications for the automobile sector, which they say will include autonomous driving and smart manufacturing.
Is Elementary OS your best first Linux distribution£
Jack Wallen explains what Elementary OS has to offer for first-time Linux users.
The 7 best NAS of 2022: Top network-attached storage
What is the best NAS£ Synology DS1522+ is ZDNet's top choice. If cloud-based servers don't meet all of your storage needs, consider a NAS solution. We selected a handful of devices that passed our reliability torture tests and offer superior usability and feature sets.
Samsung's $3,499 Odyssey Ark gaming monitor is a sight to behold
The Odyssey Ark, which was originally teased at CES, takes the 1000R curved monitor form factor and blows it up to a size that makes you feel like you're sitting inside the game. It's available now to pre-order.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: More like semi-Pro
Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro brings a few minor improvements in hardware and software over other Galaxy Watch models, but is it good enough to replace a GPS sports watch£
Save $200 on the GOTRAX G4 electric scooter
Whether it's heading to class or to work, the GOTRAX G4 scooter can get you there with up to 25 miles on a single charge. Remember to apply the on-page coupon on Amazon to snag this scooter on sale.
What are Flatpak and Snap and why are they so important to Linux£
Here's why Snap and Flatpak packages make Linux a far better operating system for the average user.
NASA fast-tracks Artemis I Moon rocket launch
With final testing and checkouts completed, rollout date is now earlier than originally scheduled.
Samsung Watch 5 Pro deal: Get $60 gift card at Best Buy
Up your hiking, cycling and Trail game with Samsung's latest Smartwatch. When you pre-order now, you'll get a $60 gift card with your purchase.
Microsoft makes Dev Box virtual workstation available to testers
Microsoft's Dev Box service, which lets developers use pre-configured developer workstations in the cloud, is now available to all interested testers.
How do I keep my iPhone battery health at 100%£
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't.
Hostinger deal: Get a website and SSL today only for $2.99 per month
Save up to 75% on this great deal from Hostinger.
Are we in danger of running out of lithium for rechargeable batteries£
As electric vehicles take over from the gasoline engine, this will put significant pressure on the world's lithium supplies.
Android 13 is officially here. Only if you have the right kind of phone, that is
Google just announced Android 13 is finished and rolling out to Pixel phones starting today.
Apple's next billion-dollar idea£ Showing more ads on your iPhone
You could soon start seeing more ads in the iPhone's App Store, Maps, Apple Books and Podcasts apps.
Linux 6.0 arrives with performance improvements and more Rust coming
Linus Torvalds reminds developers what purpose version numbers serve and to keep them short to make everyone's lives easier.
The ultimate Windows troubleshooting trick
If you're bumping into annoying Windows problems, the solution might be easier than you think. Skip the clean install and try an in-place Windows repair installation. It's fast and easy, and the results can be nearly miraculous.
This Android banking malware now also infects your smartphone with ransomware
Sova malware adds new features that make it more dangerous to a wider range of Android payment and banking app users.
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