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IBM increases patent registrations in Brazil
The company has achieved a 114% boost in the registration of new inventions in 2019.
Mitsubishi Electric discloses security breach, China is main suspect
Mitsubishi Electric says hackers did not obtain sensitive information about defense contracts.
Betting companies given access to UK gov't information on millions of children
Reports suggest a government database was misused for age verification purposes.
Citrix rolls out patches for critical ADC vulnerability exploited in the wild
Citrix is racing to develop patches for software builds vulnerable to the severe bug.
LastPass is in the midst of a major outage
LastPass issue appears to impact users with accounts dating back to 2014 and earlier.
Coros POD review: Advanced running metrics, including power analysis
Coros has a few solid GPS sports watches and its latest accessory is designed to enhance these watches with measurement of advanced metrics. The Coros POD captures details that are useful for improving your form and efficiency.
I tried Microsoft's new browser on my MacBook and got a peculiar surprise
Could anyone possibly be excited by, or even interested in, a new browser. I tried the new Microsoft Edge on my MacBook Air and examined my feelings.
A serverless journey begins with several first steps, actually
AWS serverless expert explains what you need to know before launching a serverless pilot.
Hacker leaks passwords for more than 500,000 servers, routers, and IoT devices
The list was shared by the operator of a DDoS booter service.
Best office chairs for 2020: Herman Miller, Secretlab, La-Z-Boy, Steelcase, and others
The very best office chairs for under $200 and $100, as well as the top office chairs for back pain, posture, gaming, and so on. Most of them are available to buy right now from Amazon.
Microsoft warns about Internet Explorer zero-day, but no patch yet
IE zero-day connected to last week's Firefox zero-day.
Will Google’s more-efficient ‘Reformer’ mitigate or accelerate the arms race in AI?
Google’s latest refinement to the popular “Transformer” language model promises to make state of the art available to those with a smaller computer budget. But the advances could just as well be used with those commanding vast compute resources to squeeze even more performance out of the biggest machines.
Visa's plan against Magecart attacks: Devalue and disrupt
Visa is actively going after Magecart groups, but also deploying new technologies to safeguard payment card data.
Microsoft to add new Chief Strategy and Digital Officers to its executive roster
It's the start of 2020, so let the Microsoft executive shuffles and reorgs officially begin.
Apple's latest iOS update is truly getting on my nerves
Software updates are supposed to make things better. Not always, it seems. Not this one, certainly. And it's affecting something very basic.
12 products announced at CES that you can actually buy right now. But should you?
Jason Cipriani and Jason Perlow spent a week scouring the internet -- even asking for advice on Twitter -- to find 12 devices announced at CES 2020 that are available to buy right now.
Kubuntu Focus: A new top-of-the-line Linux laptop arrives
The KDE-empowered version of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, now has a high-powered laptop to call its own: The Kubuntu Focus.
JhoneRAT exploits cloud services to attack Middle Eastern countries
Google Drive, Twitter, ImgBB and Google Forms are being abused in the name of data theft.
WordPress plugin vulnerability can be exploited for total website takeover
The “easily exploitable” bug in WP Database Reset has serious consequences for webmasters.
A hacker is patching Citrix servers to maintain exclusive access
FireEye believes this is a bad guy hoarding Citrix servers, rather than a good-guy vigilante looking out for organizations.
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