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Nvidia fixes code execution vulnerability in GeForce Experience
Security updates have also been released for the JetPack software development kit.
Conti ransomware uses 32 simultaneous CPU threads for blazing-fast encryption
The Conti ransomware also abuses the Windows Restart Manager component to unlock apps and free up their data (for encryption).
Microsoft's new KDP tech blocks malware by making parts of the Windows kernel read-only
New KDP security feature is currently being tested with Windows 10 Insider builds.
Facebook takes down fake accounts operated by 'Roger Stone and his associates'
Facebook took down today 54 accounts, 50 pages, and 4 Instagram accounts that were part of a network posting in support of Roger Stone.
Google open sources trademarks with the Open Usage Commons
In a somewhat confusing move, Google is placing three of its open-source projects' trademarks under its new Open Usage Commons.
Oracle brings its full lineup of cloud services to data centers
With Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, organizations can access more than 50 cloud services, including Oracle's Autonomous Database and SaaS applications, on premise.
Best accounting software for businesses in 2020: QuickBooks, Sage, Zoho, and more
Our pick of the very best SMB accounting software.
7 ways to become a better storyteller
Kare Anderson​ is an Emmy-winning journalist, now connective behavior and quotability speaker, and author of several books. Anderson shares advice on how to cultivate a relationship with the purpose of co-creating value that helps us accomplish more together.
Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Fold 2: Launch date, features, specs and everything else we know so far
Samsung's gearing up to announce some new phones, and we've rounded up everything we could find out about the Note 20 and Fold 2.
Microsoft to add new shared background, customizable views, chat bubbles and more to Teams
Microsoft is adding a bunch of new features to Teams in the coming weeks and months, some of which are catching up with what's in competitive services, while others are new and different.
Google open-sources Tsunami vulnerability scanner
Google says Tsunami is an extensible network scanner for detecting high-severity vulnerabilities with as little false-positives as possible.
Apple expands iPhone repair program in the US and globally
The Independent Repair Provider Program now includes more than 140 US companies with more than 700 locations, and it's expanded into 32 other countries.
SUSE to acquire Rancher Labs
SUSE takes a big step forward in Kubernetes by acquiring container-management power Rancher Labs.
Microsoft buys vision system vendor Orions Systems
Microsoft is looking to combine the video and image content analysis technology it is acquiring with Orions Systems to supplement its own Dynamics 365 Connected Store app and Power Platform services.
Microsoft releases its plan for its next set of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform features coming this fall
Microsoft is going public with the next set of features coming to its Dynamics 365 ERP, CRM and HR apps, as well as its Power Platform apps. The rollout of these features starts October 1.
Microsoft continues to build out its Azure Cognitive Services API family
Microsoft is adding a new healthcare-focused text analytics interface to its family of AI programming interfaces, and it's making generally available Custom Commands and Form Recognizer APIs, as well.
Best Google Chrome extensions 2020 - Reader's choice: EyeCare, Zoom Scheduler, and more
Here are your favorite Google Chrome extensions, and there's everything from saving money to eye health.
Microsoft agrees price reduction with Brazilian government
The government is reviewing the prices of individual suppliers and moving towards centralized purchasing; trade body warns of threat to smaller vendors and anti-competitive practices.
Beyond the benchmarks: How Apple Silicon Macs could change the game
Apple is set to offer breakthrough performance with Macs based on its own silicon. But the move to ARM architecture offers other variables that could make for big differences in adoption and usage.
Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon 865 Plus with GPU, CPU speed improvements
Qualcomm said speeds on the CPU Prime core have increased 10%, while graphics rendering on the Adreno 650 GPU are also 10% faster than the previous generation.
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