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How to build a website: What you need to get started
Welcome to our guide to what it takes to get started with an online presence.
SolarWinds cybersecurity spending tops $3 million in Q4, sees $20 million to $25 million in 2021
SolarWinds investigation into its cybersecurity problems continues and the company will spend heavily on remediation.
This chart shows the connections between cybercrime groups
CrowdStrike puts together a list of connections and how cybercrime groups cooperate with each other.
Cloudera aims to fast track enterprise machine learning use cases with Applied ML Prototypes
Cloudera's AMPs don't replace what data scientists do but give them a starting-off point so they can focus on the code, nuances, and iterating for the business use case.
CleanMyMac X gets M1 support, a new look, and a new feature
One of my all-time favorite macOS utilities gets an upgrade.
Wayfair's Q4 strong as repeat orders surge
Wayfair said repeat customers placed 72.5% of total orders in the fourth quarter, up from 68.6% a year ago.
DataStax Astra goes serverless
DataStax is introducing serverless to its Astra cloud service. While already offered by AWS, this marks the first time that serverless has come to a cloud service based on Apache Cassandra that works on each of the major public clouds.
Best MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12
Want to try the iPhone 12's new MagSafe tech but not sure where to start£ We'll show you some of our favorite accessories thus far.
Best Buy sees strong tech demand into Q1 2021, but uncertainty after that
Like other companies that benefited from COVID-19 technology demand for remote work and education, Best Buy sees uncertainty ahead as the new normal emerges.
How Snap aims to turn augmented reality into a monetization machine
Snap sees augmented reality at the intersection of customer experience, ads, data and commerce. The big question is whether we need smart glasses en masse to make it happen.
US military invests in energy beam weapons to take down drones
The prototype THOR system is designed to demolish drone swarms.
Microsoft, Accenture tag team to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint
The companies aim to drive change in the utility and energy sector.
Nvidia expects crypto-mining chip to bring in $50M in Q1
The chipmaker estimates cryptomining contributed $100 million to $300 million to its gaming segment in Q4.
Nutanix CEO: Public cloud is a new opportunity to extend what the company does
Nutanix said it was making continued progress on transitioning to being a subscription company.
Pure Storage, NetApp results top expectations helped by cloud-based storage services
Pure and NetApp both emphasized how well their services of running storage in the cloud performed in the quarter.
Nvidia reports record sales in gaming and data center segments
The GPU maker beat Q4 market expectations with record sales in its two key areas of business.
More than 6,700 VMware servers exposed online and vulnerable to major new bug
Proof-of-concept exploit code has been published online earlier today, and active scans for vulnerable VMware systems have been detected already.
Bitcoin mining 101: How to build a cryptomining rig
Interested in building a system for mining cryptocurrency£ Here's all the hardware you need and what you need to know to get started.
Federal Reserve Bank suffers outage
The disruption impacted all services, hampering financial institutions from exchanging money electronically.
Google introduces GKE Autopilot for hands-off Kubernetes
The new GKE Autopilot, generally available now, steps up the level of automation involved in Kubernetes management, down to eliminating all node management.
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