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Best Office Depot and OfficeMax Black Friday 2019 deals
We combed through Office Depot and OfficeMax's Black Friday 2019 ad and found the best tech deals.
Cisco tops Q1 expectations, forecasts Q2 revenue decline, says enterprise demand weaker
For the current quarter, Cisco expects revenue to decline between 3% to 5% decline from the year-ago period.
Company discovered it was hacked after a server ran out of free space
Hacker was detected after creating a giant archive file that took up all the free disk space. Had been inside the company's network for almost two years, undetected.
Best Staples Black Friday 2019 deals
We combed through Staples' Black Friday 2019 ad and found the best tech deals from its sale.
Microsoft starts testing its new Chromium-based Edge browser on Arm
Microsoft is continuing to forge ahead with Windows 10 on Arm with a test version of its native Arm Chromium-based Edge browser, plus (possibly) x64 app emulation on the platform.
NetApp's Q2 shows stabilization as earnings top expectations
For fiscal 2020, NetApp projected a revenue decline of 8% with non-GAAP gross margins between 67% to 68%.
Top Best Buy Black Friday 2019 deals
We combed through Best Buy's Black Friday 2019 ad and found the best tech deals from its sale.
Apple's Schiller says kids will fail if they use Chromebooks
It seems the only way to get your kids to succeed is to make sure they learn on an iPad. At least, that's what Apple's Phil Schiller believes.
We could still have a 'Year of the Linux desktop'
NextCloud founder Frank Karlitschek challenges Linux developers to start working together to make life easier for would-be Linux application developers. If it does, he thinks Linux can be a significant desktop player.
Brazil can boost GDP by over 7% with full AI adoption, says Microsoft
The technology giant is optimistic about the gains artificial intelligence can bring but warned shortcomings around education need to be addressed.
Best gifts: Practically indestructible gadgets
The best durable tech items that will last and last.
Public cloud providers' network performance wildly varies
Which public cloud really is the fastest for you? There are many variables, but your network connectivity is a major one, and there are major differences between providers.
GitHub Mobile launches for iOS, GitHub Actions moves to GA
At GitHub Universe, the software development platform announced new and expanded features designed to help developers work more efficiently and to support the open source community.
Network of 265 online sites are mimicking defunct newspapers to spread anti-Pakistan propaganda
EU NGO finds network of fake news sites linked to Indian NGOs and think tanks, all spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda.
Google Cloud rolls out platform for network visibility and management
Google's Network Intelligence Center aims to offer comprehensive network monitoring across public clouds and on-premise data centers.
Mirantis acquires Docker Enterprise
The troubled Docker company has sold its Docker Enterprise product line and business to cloud-power Mirantis.
Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott takes over from Harry Shum as head of AI and Research
Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott is going to be heading up Microsoft's combined AI and Research Group, effective immediately. Harry Shum, who has been heading up the group, is leaving the company, but there's no official word on where he's going.
Brave browser reaches v1.0, its first stable version
Brave, a privacy-first browser, rolls out its first stable release, complete with innovative features such as its own private ad platform and a users and websites rewards initiative.
An Apple store customer came home. Then she realized what the Genius had done
Apple fires a store employee who allegedly went through a customer's phone, found an intimate image of her, and texted it to himself. It's not a good look for a company that claims privacy as its competitive difference.
Linux vs. Zombieland v2: The security battle continues
Another day, another Intel CPU bug. Here's what Red Hat and other Linux vendors are doing about it.
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