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ProtonMail to block tracking pixels, hide IP addresses
The feature is enabled by default on ProtonMail's web app.
Red Cross hit with cyberattack that compromised data of 515,000 'highly vulnerable people'
The International Committee of the Red Cross said it detected the attack this week and confirmed that it was not a ransomware attack.
Best robot vacuum deals available right now: Roomba, Roborocks, Eufy, more
These are the best robot vacuum deals to jump on before they're done and dusted.
Give your kids the chance to have fun while learning to code for just $10
Knowing how to code is a huge advantage in this day and age, and children learn easier than adults, so they will benefit from starting to learn at a young age
Google announces Scorecard V4 in partnership with GitHub and OpenSSF
The Scorecards Action is available from GitHub's Marketplace and is free to use.
Instacart partners with Chase and Mastercard to issue its first credit card
Do you use Instacart£ You'll soon be able to earn rewards for the money you're spending.
Best laptop deals available right now: HP, Dell, Lenovo, and more
Whether you're in school, working from home, or just want to stream movies after work, brands like HP, Dell, and Samsung are offering amazing discounts on products, so you can find the laptop that best fits your needs and your budget.
1Password raises $620 million in latest funding round
This raises the company's valuation to $6.8 billion.
Archive360 report: IT migration to the Cloud is hitting big obstacles
The benefits of cloud based IT are many -- but migrating legacy IT is hitting some big challenges.
How Juniper is using AI in SD-WAN to differentiate itself
Since the networker installed Mist AI as the cornerstone of its enterprise strategy, the results have paid off with continued growth.
Bugcrowd reports increase in critical vulnerabilities found in 2021
Bugcrowd saw a 185% increase in the last 12 months for critical vulnerability submissions with financial services companies.
What does a financial advisor do£
Financial advisors are experts in investment management, debt elimination, wealth building, and financial independence.
Biden signs cybersecurity memorandum for Defense Department, intelligence agencies
The memorandum comes as CISA released multiple warnings about potential intrusions by other governments.
Opera introduces new browser dedicated to crypto using Web3
The Crypto Browser Project has Web3 built directly into it.
Electrical engineering jobs: Electrifying opportunities
Discover what a day in the life of an electrical engineer might look like, and explore the many electrical engineering jobs available across industries.
Deloitte launches new SaaS cyber threat detection and response platform
AWS, CrowdStrike, Exabeam, and Google Cloud Chronicle are operationalizing the new platform.
Interpol and Nigerian police bust cybercrime BEC ring
Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 and Group-IB helped law enforcement officials disrupt the ring, which was in possession of more than 800,000 potential victim domain credentials.
Apple and Google claim proposed antitrust bills would threaten user security
Both companies oppose the legislation on the grounds that it could threaten consumers by allowing malicious apps and services easier access to user devices.
Deal alert: Snag a $109 Acer 11.6'' Chromebook at Best Buy
This Acer Chromebook 311 deal makes for an affordable media player or remote learning machine for students.
Verizon and AT&T agree to last-minute 5G C-Band delays for all airports
The latest turn in the constantly shifting fight over C-Band deployments at US air travel hubs saw both carriers halting their plans at the last possible moment.
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